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February 19, 2007



I dont think I agree with you. I am using various Google's product and they have come my way in the right time. Whenever I need something, I get it and I dont need before that. This is fine for me and Google too. I love Google for its simplicity.

I am using Yahoo Small Business and Yahoo Search (content and ad) along with Yahoo Mail. It is really difficulty to locate something you want in Yahoo site as it is too crowded. And interesting thing is I dont need most of them.

Mostly I use Google to search, and when i type Google.com, I am explicitly going for search engine and nothing else. When I want to check my mail, I go to Gmail.com and etc.

Thus, I think the Google's Business Model is made out of the consumer mind and thats the best business model to have. It may look weak for short-term gains, but for long run it the best strategy to follow.

I would say, Google's Business model is customer centric and Yahoo's customer focussed. I have discussed about the two models in my blog.


I welcome all to view and comment on the same.



Yes I fully agree with your comments. I suppose when your that big you do not have to explain yourself or self regulate. Great article.

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