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March 25, 2004



I believe Progressive Disclosure has been around in the Selling space since at least 1967. Was reading a training article by the SBA, published in 1967, in which they encourage salespeople to use the progressive disclosure technique to slowly introduce all the features/benefits of a product/service so as not to overwhelm the potential buyer.




Maggie Sue

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Vidya Gopinath

Very informative post on progressive disclosure.You are correct in saying should be careful as to not overwhelm the users with too many features at a time.


Great post! I completely agree that Microsoft Office hiding infrequently used menu items is one of the worst uses of progressive disclosure ever implemented. I couldn’t stand having my menu item order changing on me constantly (making the learnability of the menus poor), and was ecstatic when I finally found the berried option to turn the feature off. I know my parents where thrilled as well when I turned it off for them while visiting on vacation. Now that they got rid of “Clippy,” I can only hope Microsoft will get rid of their progressive disclosure in Office’s menus as well well.



Matthew Oliphant

Strange, I was just talking about progressive disclosure tonight, and here is a great post on it.

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