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August 04, 2004



I'm currently working on Emotional Design of VR-based learning environment, and your article does enlighten me on various issues of Emotional Design and usability.

Jaclyn M.

It is because of this blog and the "What is Emotional Design" blog that I have decided to write my senior paper (almost a dissertation) on this subject and how it can be factored into Graphic Design. I'll be sure to come back and post a link to it when I'm finished. Thanks for bringing this subject into the light!


hey guys, can any of u gimme more information on how emotion affects or could affect architectural design. I am doin a thesis on how space(architectural space)can help bring in emotion. I am doin a history museum. If any of u cud help me., do mail me at [email protected]

Rene Vaartjes

Hi Frank,

Our comprehensive research about how to evoke emotions at online travel websites provides a lot of insights about which emotions can be aroused using colors, graphical elements, specific images and online functions. It is fascinating to notice that emotions like looking forward, enthousiastic, curious, attracted to, contain a specific set of colors in the selected images by respondents.

People who like to read more about the research are welcome to check our website http://www.sotopia.com/designingemotionsbook.htm and read the abstract of our book: Design Emotions in Online Travel

Best regards,

one way links

good article.


helo there,

I am researcher from indonesia, work on Usability for product design, I would like to thank for the idea and the shared pdf about the emotion in design

thanks a lot


You always writte about the topics I like to talk. Congrats for the sensibility about design. I certanly agree design involves people emotions. And thats why I'm doing a work about this topic. Thanks for help me again :)

Best wishes!

Lígia Kuhn

Hans Henrik


This is very interesting – thank you for sharing.

I’m quite new in the field of User Centric Design – is it possible for you to help me out with other usefull links?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards
Hans Henrik


There are good and bad designers. A bad designer doesn’t care about any emotions whcih have caused through his works. While a good designer puts his heart into the design to make the people understand the exact emotions he’d like them to experience.
Ryan, web designer http://www.astra-design.com

Walter Adamson

Kei-ichi Enoki, one of the Founders of NTT DoCoMo's i-mode mobile internet service, was quoted recently in ZDNet on "cool factor" which honed in on the Japanese penchant for great consumer design as a key factor underlying the current economic turnaround.

The emotional design factors of i-mode were perhaps unconscious to the Japanese mind, and thanks to your fabulous post on "design and emotion" I was able to explain i-mode in these terms to my readers.



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